Take a look at the RICOH Pro C7200X Series Graphic Arts Edition.

Go beyond CMYK with Ricoh's 5th Color Digital Production Systems to produce high-value, premium applications that stand out from the competition.

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RICOH Pro C7200X Series

Welcome to a whole new playing field.


Stunning real-world applications using the 5th Color Station.


Technology and capabilities that set these digital presses apart.


Head-turning effects with our 5th Color technology and a wide-range of substrates.

Pro C7200X

An outstanding value.

Take advantage of oversized sheet options and proactively offer customers new creative ways to tell their story while expanding your base and increasing your bottom line.

  • 5th Color Station for clear, white, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red toner
  • Support for oversized sheets up to 13" × 49.6"
  • Auto-duplex up to 13" × 27.5"
  • Print on media up to 360 gsm, metallic, dark, synthetic, adhesive and magnetic substrates
  • 2400 × 4800 dpi laser resolution with VCSEL Technology
  • 16,200-sheet maximum paper capacity

Captivate your customers with 5th Color techniques.

Watch and learn how you can expand your creativity with Ricoh’s 5th Color Station Digital Presses. Get step-by-step instructions to achieve predictable results and simplify working with your design files. It’s easier than you think.

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Position your business for growth.

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5th Color Station

Differentiate your offerings and open the door to new opportunities with white, clear, neon pink, neon yellow and invisible red toners.

Innovative Media

Explore substrates up to 360 gsm and specialty stocks including NCR, metallics, synthetics, adhesives, dark media, linens, magnetics and more.

Oversized Options

Grow your volume with oversized applications. Options include 13" × 49.6" for 216 gsm or 13" × 27.5" up to 300 gsm coated.

Go beyond CMYK.

Use white, neon pink and neon yellow toners to simulate metallic printing, match more brand colors and deliver stunning effects. Add a look of luxury with clear toner on images and create unique patterns for authenticity. Become even more valuable to your customers when you can secure their documents and help to reduce counterfeiting with invisible red toner that will only show images and text when under a UV light.

Neon Yellow Toner

Make a bold statement, create standout effects and add attention-grabbing accents across popular substrates on promotional items and event materials.

Invisible Red Toner

Print text, codes and images that are only visible to the human eye when placed under a UV light. Invisible red toner is ideal for entry-level security applications including coupons, tickets and promotional materials.

See the effect in action

Clear Toner

Produce incredibly captivating images and enhance product photography and brand logos on business cards, brochures, tickets and direct mail.

White Toner

Use white as a color or apply as a base layer to retain color integrity, simulate metallic printing and achieve dramatic effects on transparencies, adhesives and dark colored media.

Neon Pink Toner

Print materials in shocking colors ideal for point-of-purchase, direct mail and packaging, plus expand the range of vibrant oranges and brand colors you can match by utilizing unique blends.

See Real-World Applications

Magnetic Postcard

Do more with specialty media.

Offer customers high-value applications with the ability to affordably print on magnetic and synthetic stocks, adhesive, metallic, linen and more.

Go big and get there faster.

Combine oversized printing with 5th color capabilities on a wide range of substrates at speeds up to 95 ppm and go after new customers in need of affordable options for short-run, on-demand custom packaging, book wraps, menus, direct mail and promotional materials.

Plus, with auto-duplexing up to 27.5" you can count on exceptional registration while you benefit from maximum system uptime and gain an overall increase in productivity and profitability due to reduced labor and waste.

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*Oversized printing requires optional media trays.

Configure it your way.

The Pro C7200X Series Graphic Arts Edition offers outstanding media handling and robust finishing options to best meet your application needs and do more digitally — from synthetic medias to oversized sheets, and a maximum paper capacity of 16,200 sheets to keep workflow at a steady pace.

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Advanced Automation

The Pro C7200X Series Graphic Arts Edition features advanced technologies that drive predictable, repeatable results — a must in today’s competitive landscape. Inline sensors for auto registration, color consistency and auto calibration streamline workflow and deliver exceptional output that meets client expectations job after job.

Software and Services

Further maximize the capabilities of these innovative systems with Ricoh's wide range of production workflow, VDP and color management software choices. Rely on Ricoh’s expertise to assess, recommend and implement the right custom solutions and deliver operator training to help you achieve operational excellence.

Neon Pink Toner Sample

Make an impact with video tutorials.

RICOH Pro C7210X Series 5th Color Kit

Your game plan for success.

RICOH Pro C7210X Series 5th Color Kit

Jump-start your sales with an exclusive 5th Color Station Kit, available free to customers with their purchase of a RICOH Pro C7210X Graphic Arts Edition or Pro C7210SX Graphic Arts Edition. Ricoh is also proud to support our customers’ ongoing education and marketing efforts with a wealth of resources from design tutorials and production guides to print samples and sales tips.

Seeing is believing.

With these remarkable and affordable 5th Color Station digital presses you can set yourself apart with an exciting range of innovative features and capabilities that translate into new opportunities, increased profits and a whole new level of success.

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